Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ode to the Pilot

We drove a 2009 Honda Pilot, Touring Edition, on this road trip courtesy of American Honda Motors. They asked nothing in return other than our opinion. We'll be preparing a full report for them on that, but thought we'd share some of our impressions with you as well.

It's awesome.

The basics: handling, breaking, no squeaks, etc. Really tight ride. Stylish inside and out. High quality leather.

The luxuries: dual front seat climate control, deluxe sound system, rear entertainment with wireless headsets and their own remote control (front seat parent override), bluetooth phone, Stella -- the navigation queen, cool looking gauges. A nice little shelf above the glove box for girl stuff. I put my lotion, lipstick, tissues, etc. here. A conversation mirror so we could yell at the kids without turning around!

Over the top: A two-prong household outlet! A backup camera so you can see what's behind you! A rear hatch that opens with a fob button and slowly rises and the kids can close it by pushing a button on the hatch which closes slowly; abundant rear cargo or third row of seats that fold separately, so you have can have a little of both if you like (handy for separating kids who are tired of each other). Navigation system that made us fearless: helping us find every hotel, restaurant and gas station on this tour (we had no reservations and only scant directions for every destination on this trip). Oil gauge that clocked 30% more use from the oil which hadn't been changed in 5,800 miles! Gas mileage as promised 23 - 24 mpg highway and over 21 city. Finally, this car is so well insulated that it didn't get to an extreme temperature no matter where we parked it -- and we were in the Mojave!

All in all, an impressive ride. We miss it already.

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